Hot summer, muggy, tired is the topic of most interest in the summer. Hot weather always makes people lazy and do not mind work. Therefore, the most suitable choice that 365travel.asia highly recommend is Tam Dao

From the high floor looking down at the foot of the mountain at the time hidden, Tam Dao looks beautiful and romantic. The softy and white clouds cover the whole town. Watching the sea sky clouds floating, tourists will want to keep this beautiful moment again and again

Tam Dao located in Tam Dao town, Tam Dao district, Vinh Phuc province, just about 86km from Hanoi. The climate here is unique, here you can experience four seasons in one day. In the morning, it will be spring and have breeze; at noon, it's warm and has sunny of summer; in the afternoon, there will have many cold winds of autumn; and it will be cold in the evening. The best time to travel Tam Dao is during the summer. Nature and time traces have given Tam Dao a wonderful setting: romantic, uphill, majestic, and fanciful in the clouds, winds blowing on the mountain and then down the grass, the houses on the slopes. Tam Dao town is over 300ha in a small valley of Tam Dao Range, also one of the largest national parks in the North. The tiny, beautiful town with the winding roads look like a stream or water cut across flowing for four seasons.

The way to travel Tam Dao is a bit difficult but very beautiful. Up to the top of Mount Tam Dao, the sight of four sides is immense sky, land, wind, clouds. In the early 20th century, the French invested in Tam Dao, built here a resort with 200 different hotels, restaurants, playgrounds, and swimming pools.

With the dream landscape of this white cloud, the town is still intact. Standing on the Gate of Heaven or Beach and look down Tam Dao town blurring in virtual fog. The wind blows from the pine forest, which can make you shiver during the hot summer. After climbing 1.400 steps, standing on the top of Thien Nhi, at the foot of the TV tower, with the feeling of a man who has just conquered the peak, took a deep breath chest full of the fresh air of Tam Dao, we suddenly feel a peace of mind. From the center of the town, turn right on a trail, sucking down deep valleys, cascading over the mountains, you will see mysteriously pouring into the silver water, shining the sun reflecting rainbow colors. A small stream from over 30m high water flowing, drop into the wind of the stream, the forest, the leaves echoing into the cliffs as deep as ancient thousand. It seems to have been washed away by the Thac Bac stream, to another place far away, the cool heart, as if drinking a pure water.